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Commands are always prefaced with an exclamation mark (!).

command purpose example
app "first name" Species, faceclaim, player, and application url !app "marty mcfly"
chars "player name" List of active characters associated with player !chars "mystery player"
char_list species List of active characters belonging to species !char_list vampire
faceclaim Available or Taken !faceclaim "First Last"
helpme Help dialogue !helpme
species List of current species in singular form !species


Release # Date Updates
3 12/31/2020
  • Features
    • !faceclaim "first last" returns whether a faceclaim is available or taken
    • Lists are now returned in ascending alphabetical order
    • !app now additionally returns faceclaim information with character
  • Bug Fixes
    • More exception language around values not found
    • Trim is now implemented in every query
    • Additional logging
2 11/19/2020
  • Features
    • Player is now added to !app results
    • !chars [player name] lists characters by player (if multiple words, use quotes)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Value are now case insensitive
    • database value are now lowercase
1 11/7/2020 Initial Release

Known Bugs

Bug # Date Detected Impact Summary
3 11/19/2020 medium species must be exactly as in database (no plurals)
2 11/7/2020 low All but URLs are capitalized in the database
1 11/7/2020 medium Character names should be able to be used regardless of upper or lower case


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